The Journey

The Journey is 22 days of breakthroughs, insights and love split over a year – a process of completely transforming your life!

It all starts with Master 1, a 4-day course that awakens you to a new state of Consciousness. Master 2 will then deepen the insights breakthorughs and serves as the expansion process. We also have dedicated programs on Money (as an important component of abundance) and Relationships, probably the two areas of our lives with the most potential to produce fulfillment.

The Journey will also take you into the land of your Shadows, your ignored, disowed and suppressed parts, both on your Dark and Light side - the Shadow & Light Retreat.

Master 1 - A New State of Consciousness

Master 1 is a fun and challenging 4-days breakthrough experience and transformational process, and serves as well as the foundation course for all of Creative Consciousness’ advanced trainings, retreats and accredited coach training program.

Each training day is composed of powerful inquiry sessions into the heart of the matter of who we are, what life is and how it works, the laws of creation and how everyone can create a life they love to live. The inquiry sessions are accompanied by practical exercises, video feedback and energy work.

The key benefits of Master I include greater clarity on your goals, heightened awareness and an expanded range of self-expression:

  • Freedom – feel free, be free and act free
  • Passion – create the life you love to live
  • Energy – transform anger into passion
  • Clarity – know your calling and act from vision
  • Integrity – get things done
  • Awareness – perceive reality from new levels
  • Authenticity – be real and incorruptible
  • Presence – be here and now.

You also receive a 200-page comprehensive Master 1 workbook.

Training days are from Thursday to Sunday. Each day starts at 9am and evenings are open-ended. On Day 4 (Sunday) we finish at 6pm sharp.

Master 2 - Empowering Transformation

Master 1 opened up new worlds of possibilities, freedom and power; Master 2 takes your transformation to the next level. You get trained and challenged in the art of receptivity, connection, empowering communication, assertiveness and completion.

You will get introduced to and taught the basics in the art of coaching. Coaching as understood by the CCA Consciousness Coaching® Academy is the competence to conduct relationship interactions in such a way that both parties are left empowered, uplifted and a little bit more enlightened – whether it is one’s relationship with one’s spouse, children, the boss, colleagues or professional coaching clients:

  • The Ladder of Power® – from Victim to Victor
  • Meaning and practice of Integrity and Authenticity
  • Consciousness Inventory
  • Vision & Mission – discovery, definition and design
  • Listening and giving empowering feedback
  • Compassion and Forgiveness
  • The Art of Completion
  • Coaching & communication training
  • The 8 golden Consciousness Coaching® rules
  • Advanced creation tools

Master 2 consists of four training days with Theory & Insight classes; Video-Feedback; Live-Coaching observation; exercises; study & practice assignments. Frame program: Meditation, Light Dance, Hojo.

You also receive a 200-page comprehensive Master 2 workbook.

Training days are from Thursday to Sunday. Each day starts at 9am and evenings are open-ended. On Day 4 (Sunday) we finish at 6pm sharp.

Mastery of Money (MoM)

In this unique 3-days Mastery of Money training you get face to face with your money attitudes, your deep rooted belief systems, your self-worth and the required core principles of creating financial abundance.

Training content:

  • Money – the Isness and the delusions
  • Male and female powers of money: making money happen and letting money happen.
  • The relationship between money and your level of integrity
  • Good debt versus bad debt
  • The purpose of savings
  • Exploring self-punishment and self-destruction
  • Money shadows and making peace with them
  • Improving your emotional relationship to money
  • Attracting money through letting go
  • Living into wealth and abundance

Mastery of Money consists of three training days with theory & insight classes; video-feedback; exercises and practice assignments.

You also receive a 100-page comprehensive Mastery of Money workbook.

Training days are from Friday to Sunday. Each day starts at 9am and evenings are open-ended. On Day 4 (Sunday) we finish at 6pm sharp.

Mastery of Relationships (MoR)

Mastery of Relationships is a 3-day training process that applies the principles of Creative Consciousness to the field of relationships. You will travel into one of the most important and most underestimated realms of life: relationships.


Relationships are at the foundation of our societal structure, however there’s no budget for relationship education in any government’s annual planning. That is scary. You are part of an extraordinary minority: people who invest time and resources into transforming their relationships.


You will gain insights into the heart of the matter: what makes relationships work and what doesn’t. You will experience openings of freedom and possibility you never thought possible. Mastery of Relationships will provoke your passion to transform the way you relate to your Self, to others and ultimately to the world:


  • COMMUNICATION: relate to another in a way that inspires and deepens your relationship
  • PASSION: convert resignation into new possibilities
  • INTEGRITY: make and keep win-win agreements where both parties’ needs are met
  • BODY: transform and heal your relationship to your body
  • AWARENESS: recognize the impact of conditioning, and move beyond it


Mastery of Relationships is an invaluable experience for couples as well as for singles.

During the training days the participants go through inquiries, transformational processes, video feedback and practical exercises.

You also receive a 100-page comprehensive Mastery of Relationships workbook.

Training days are from Friday to Sunday. Each day starts at 9am and evenings are open-ended. On day 3 (Sunday) we finish at 6pm sharp.

The Shadow & Light Retreat

The Shadow and Light Retreat is an exclusive 8-days safe space, created for in-depth exploration and experimentation with suppressed, repressed and denied parts of ourselves: our dark shadows and our light shadows.

It is a psychological fact that only through full integration of our shadow parts the individual becomes whole, healed, powerful and free.

In this retreat we use a lot of dance meditations to shake up the rust, behind which the shadows lurk. In the evenings we bring these shadows into the “Shadow Theatre”, a psycho-drama based space to safely act out our shadows and therefore emerge on a new level as an integrated and expanded human being.