The JOURNEY Year 2
The JOURNEY Year 2

CCI’s JOURNEY YEAR 2 continues your expansion and transformation. 

YEAR 2 consists of:

  • Master 3 - the WE-process
  • Mastery of Success (MoS) - Master your professional and entrepreneurial success the holistic way.
  • Soul Retreat - Make sense of your destiny and discover and align to your true life purpose.
  • Mastery of Intimacy - Take your intimate life to the next level and learn presence, openness and unlimied joy.
Master 3 - the WE process

Master 3 is called “´the WE-process” because it expands you from YOU (Master 2) to WE; WE means all of us, all humankind, all animals and plants, all existence. It means to experience being connected with the Whole, to receive inspiration and wisdom from existence, to find your ulimate freedom in the inexhaustible and unlimited WE. Master 3 is “far out” and takes you out of your box into the space of peace, love and abundance.

What if you can finally relax and take your attention off yourself? What if you can relax all fear and receive absolute trust? What if you can allow for expanding into nothingness? ….just to find that who you are is in truth WE. Welcome home

Mastery of Success (MoS)

Mastery of Success is all about your success, your genius and your freedom in authentic self expression.

Mastery of Success consists of 3 training days.You receive a 200-page comprehensive workbook.

Here is a quick summary of the themes you can expect to grow in:



  • Establishing rapport with executives / leadership personalities.
  • Knowing when to stick and when to quit.
  • Time & Timing – the secret of Chronos and Chyros.
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness.
  • Priorities management.
  • Live presentations & feedback.


  • Handling objections the old and the new way.
  • Transform your attitude of ‘Selling’.
  • The first 30 seconds determine 80% of your success.
  • How to win your first 20 clients.
  • Mastery in the art of sales.
  • Self-expression: the 4 spices.
  • Winning investors and attracting money


  • Building a business – core principles of entrepreneurship.
  • Marketing / Networks / PR / Internet-Email marketing.
  • Branding your Self.
  • Money - transform your relationship to money.
  • Developing and presenting your business or life plan and getting feedback.
Soul Retreat

The Soul Retreat is the crown of the consciousness expansion and spiritual journey designed by Marc Steinberg. Based on the 3 Laws of Existence – The Law of Oneness, the Law of Polarity and the Law of Resonance – the Soul Retreat provides a unique experience of the ancient journey of one’s individual soul.


Only when one begins to see the big picture of one’s existence (What has my soul in mind for this incarnation? What for did I incarnate? What’s my real purpose?) life starts making sense, and the unique path of one’s journey in this incarnation reveals itself.


Mastery of Intimacy Retreat - Stage 1

There is no reason whatsoever that you shouldn’t experience profound fulfilment, freedomand bliss in your intimacy and sexuality in your life.

The Mastery of Intimacy Retreats have been created to allow you to reawaken your abilities to experience the wonderfulness of what the body and the senses are capable of opening up for you.

Just imagine your life energy vibrantly pulsating in your body making your soul smile and your senses dance! Imagine being free and open to fully share this aliveness with another! And imagine to experience a new level of self-love, self-appreciation and body-love again.

Registering here will give you access to Mastery of Intimacy Retreat Stage 1. This is a 7 day process in itself. Stages 2 and 3 are further similar length processes you can choose to follow after that.