Expand Your Journey
Expand Your Journey

CCI’s Expansion package cements the transformation you realized in The Journey, and takes you even deeper!


The Expansions offers programs to:

  • Master your professional and entrepreneurial success with the Mastery of Success (MoS).
  • Discover and align to your true life purpose in the Soul Retreat.
  • Take your intimate life to the next level with the Sex & Consciousness retreat series.


As the last item on this page, you'll also see more info on, and the option to enroll into CCI's world-class coach training program!

Mastery of Success (MoS)

On day 1, Mastery of Success creates awareness around the foundations for Executive and Leadership Principles. Days 2 and 3 are devoted to Consciousness Coaching’s® brilliant sales course that focuses on developing authentic sales competences confirmed by outstanding and fulfilling success.


Day 4 is all about entrepreneurial core competencies. Whether you develop and use them to start your own business, to accelerate your career or to simply lead a successful, self-sourced life, these two core competencies have to be mastered: selling yourself and winning others for your goals, visions and missions. With these skills in place, you are bound to succeed!


Here is a quick summary of the themes you can expect to grow in:

  • Establishing rapport with executives / leadership personalities.
  • Time & Timing – the secret of Chronos and Chyros.
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness.
  • How to win your first 20 clients.
  • Sales mastery - Handing objections in the old and new way.
  • Self-expression: the 4 spices.
  • Winning investors and attracting money.
  • Building a business – core principles of entrepreneurship.
  • Branding your Self.
  • Money – transform your relationship to money.

Mastery of Success consists of four training days with theory & insight classes; video feedback; exercises and practice assignments.


You also receive a 200-page comprehensive Mastery of Success workbook.Training days are from Thursday to Sunday. Each day starts at 9am and evenings are open-ended. On Day 4 (Sunday) we finish at 6pm sharp.

Soul Retreat

The Soul Retreat is the crown of the consciousness expansion and spiritual journey designed by Marc Steinberg. Based on the 3 Laws of Existence – The Law of Oneness, the Law of Polarity and the Law of Resonance – the Soul Retreat provides a unique experience of the ancient journey of one’s individual soul.


Only when one begins to see the big picture of one’s existence (What has my soul in mind for this incarnation? What for did I incarnate? What’s my real purpose?) life starts making sense, and the unique path of one’s journey in this incarnation reveals itself.


Sex & Consciousness Retreat - Stage 1

There is no reason whatsoever that you shouldn’t experience profound fulfilment, freedomand bliss in your intimacy and sexuality in your life.


The Sex and Consciousness Retreats have been created to allow you to reawaken your abilities to experience the wonderfulness of what the body and the senses are capable of opening up for you.


Just imagine your life energy vibrantly pulsating in your body making your soul smile and your senses dance! Imagine being free and open to fully share this aliveness with another! And imagine to experience a new level of self-love, self-appreciation and body-love again.


Registering here will give you access to Sex and Consciousness Retreat Stage 1. This is a 7 day process in itself. Stages 2 and 3 are further similar length processes you can choose to follow after that.

ICF Accredited Diploma Coach Training Program

Master 3 offers intensified consciousness & coach training on the level of Professional and Consciousness Coaching® according to ICF and Consciousness Coaching® standards.

Our coach training curriculum is an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the largest global professional organization in thecoaching profession. Successful completion of our coach training curriculum allows you toobtain a diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching®.

Master 3 consists of:

Part 1: four training days followed by one month of practice and integration and

Part 2: four training days, followed by further practice on the professional coach level.

By the end of Master 3, students will have:

  • Completed their awareness on the professional coach level.
  • Acquired the ability to introduce Consciousness Coaching® Awareness Creations (ACs).
  • Maximized their power to impact consciousness using language.
  • Being powerful in attracting desired circumstances.
  • Achieved the competence to professionally coach.
  • Achieved the maturity to register for the CCA exam component and acquire the ICF recognized “Diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching®”.

Students also benefit from Master 3’s Frame Program that includes daily meditation, Light Dance and training in the ancient Japanese discipline of “Hojo”. This is offered in support of further development of the student’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

CC®’s unique coach training process was developed over the last 20 years by Marc Steinberg, MCC who devoted his life to the study and exploration of human consciousness, making his discoveries accessible as Consciousness Coaching®. CC® makes coach-BEING organic – honouring and aspiring to Mahatma Gandhi’s credo: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

CCI Coach Training
€ 2390
ICF Coaching Exam Pack
€ 1295
Coach Training & Exam Pack
€ 3225


Here, you can purchase the Master 3 (part 1+2) - the in room coaching training.

It is also possible to purchase the ICF accreditation coaching exam package with CCI as well, but only as part of the package with the Master 3 courses. Otherwise, ICF's requirements of a minimum number of hours of practice is not fulfilled and you can't really sit for the accreditation exam.

As you can see, a package purchase gives you a sizeable discount too!

Please not that if you buy only the exam component, you'll be asked to purchase the Master 3 trainings as well.