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About Us

What We Offer

The Creative Consciousness pathway is a unique blend of programs to uncover and empower a person’s, entrepreneur’s or company’s full potential and authentic drive. We offer courses and workshops to support personal self-discovery and growth, corporate acceleration, international accredited coaching training (ICF) and retreats.

Who We Are

Creative Consciousness is a pioneer and thought leader in the field of human empowerment and consciousness development since the early 90s. Creative Consciousness training events and the Consciousness Coaching® methodology are the result of over 25 years of work and research in the areas of psychology, ontology, phenomenology, brain science, coaching and communication. Over 5000 graduates testify that Creative Consciousness training events have played an essential role in their lives and supported them to become liberated from personal and collective conditioning and create more authentic, passionate and happy lives. Our trainings are suitable for people from all walks of life.

Our graduates come from over 30 countries, have diverse backgrounds and professions, and have all derived huge value out of our programs. Training events are delivered by a diverse, multinational team of talented and professional trainers. Each trainer has accomplished at least 250 hours of self-development in trainings and retreats, plus at least 1000 hours of trainer development in deep facilitation skills. All trainers are absolutely committed to human development and are there to support your process.

What You Will Get

Participating in Creative Consciousness trainings will bring you into your creative power, traction and sustainability.

More Clarity

Know who you are and what you want and what your purpose in life is!

More Energy

Access your inner resources and learn to use them in a constructive way!

More Freedom

Be and act free from past conditioning fear, and self sabotaging patterns!

More Power

Liberate the totallity of your powers and make your dreams come true!

Our Mission

It is our mission to bring back passion into people’s lives. With passion, energy, creativity, power, fun, perseverance and authenticity can flow – and real fulfilment and potential can be achieved. Our truest selves live under layers of limitations, beliefs, fears and self-created or imposed stories, and we are here to move people’s lives on: from reaction into their creation. We have over 25 years of experience in personal development and coaching; we are a movement committed to ignite the flame in the human spirit.

Team & Locations

South Africa

Mark Fraser-Grant
Rienzo Colpo


Nathalie Willems


Yana Tarasova


Alla Manerova


Loredana Giuran


Charles Ruiters
Joris Swinkels

South Africa

Kirti Carr

South Africa

Ilana Joubert
Karin de Jager


Sergey Klambert

The visionary founder, Marc Steinberg:

Founder and Master Trainer of Creative Consciousness International and the Consciousness Coaching® Academy, Marc Steinberg has been empowering and inspiring people on their way to personal growth, spiritual fulfillment and success for more than two decades. Marc’s applied philosophy is based on the ancient credo that all external changes begin internally in the human being, and his mission statement since 1991 has been:

“Contributing to a global awakening in consciousness through facilitating awareness- and consciousness development programs combined with 1st class coach training powered by the internationally accredited Consciousness Coaching® methodology.”

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