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“Are you experiencing life with your heart, with awe, with wonder, with excitement?
Or is your life lived by that inner, negative voice that you feel you have no other choice but listening to? I created Creative Consciousness trainings to re-ignite the flame in the human spirit – that means: your flame, your full potential, your life to its fullest extent. Join one of our trainings and learn how you can empower your authentic self again”.

Marc Steinberg, Founder of Creative Consciousness



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"I became a trainer for Creative Consciousness because it’s the most powerful breakthrough transformation methodology for re-connecting people with their true passion for life, empowering them to create and live from inspiration. I have done a lot of personal transformation before.
Creative Consciousness brought it all together and propelled me to a whole new level. You too can start creating today". Natalia Kuzmicheva, CCI Lead Trainer

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